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Working smarter – not harder with the help of AI

Learn the basics of using Chat GPT for your work/business. Understand how Chat GPT operates, its real-world applications, and the art of effective interaction. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to engage in meaningful conversations with Chat GPT, automate tasks, and explore the limitless possibilities of Chat GPT.

Creating your Marketing Material in less time with Chat GPT

Learn how you can save a ton of time creating your marketing material with Chat GPT. Create Content Calendars, Blog Articles, Facebook post and even Landing pages in just a friction of the time you would normally spend on it.

Starting and growing your business

From Seed to Success.
Learn the Business System you need to grow your business without compromising your work life balance. A 6 month program with training and coaching to help you grow in business and life.

What her clients say

What makes Caydee special is how much she cares. She’s not just giving advice; she makes sure you do what you need to succeed. That’s really important for someone running their own business.

Alice F.

Caydee is more than a coach; she’s a mentor who sees the potential in you before you see it yourself. Her belief in my abilities has been a driving force behind my journey.

Alan J.

Caydee is amazing. She doesn’t just talk about what you could do; she actually helps you do it. She’s great at finding what you’re good at and helping you get even better. Since working with her, I’ve really seen my business grow.

Sandra B.

About Caydee Schwarz

Caydee Schwarz, a Success and Empowerment Coach with over a decade of expertise. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs unleash their full potential and achieve meaningful results in various aspects of life.

Caydee’s coaching approach combines holistic principles with cutting-edge technology, including AI like Chat GPT, to make work easier for her clients. With her certifications as a Business Trainer and Life Coach, Caydee guides entrepreneurs on a transformative journey, guiding them to more success and happiness.

When you partner with Caydee, you’re not just a client – you’re embarking on a journey to empowerment, self-discovery, and lasting success. Caydee Schwarz doesn’t just help entrepreneurs succeed; she helps them lead balanced lives.